What Materials Are Good For Outdoor Tables And Chairs In The Garden

- Jun 05, 2019-

It is recommended to use these three kinds of materials for outdoor tables and chairs. You don't need to worry about wind and sun in outdoor use.

1 Aluminum furniture.

General frame is aluminium alloy, appropriate chooses the aluminium alloy material that classics bake lacquer and waterproof processing to pledge, such material can bear outdoor wind to blow rain to drench most.

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2 rattan furniture.

True cane furniture is liable to craze deformation, raw material is scarce. So outdoor appropriate to choose PE cane, smooth and delicate surface, smooth and clean, with high strength, good flexibility, strong permeability, aging resistance, uv resistance, resistance to heat and humidity is strong, anti-mildew, not easy to dry crack deformation, not easy to fade.

3 cast aluminum furniture.

It is divided into sand mold casting and die casting. Sand casting has rough surface, low strength and hardness. Die casting products have high dimensional accuracy, no porosity and shrinkage defects, smooth surface, strength is 25~30% of sand cast aluminum. So consumer is in the furniture that USES outdoors, had better choose the casting aluminium furniture that die casting forms.