What Kinds Of Beach Chairs Are There?

- May 20, 2019-

Beach chair, just as its name implies is a kind of recreational chair, use on beach also is very appropriate, can imagine a pair of picture in the head, looking at on beach chair tide ebb and flow, cactus of sunshine beach wave, still have laugh to play water person, it is beautiful picture, what does beach chair have so different classification?

1. Rattan beach chair made of tianyi is mainly made of thickened iron pipe, cast iron wire drawing iron frame and outdoor artificial rattan made of manual PE. This kind of beach chair is not so convenient to carry, and is suitable for resting in the courtyard.

2. Solid wood beach chair, which can be completely lowered to become a beach bed, is not easy to carry and is usually provided by local resorts or hotels.

3. Folding beach chair is more convenient to carry, which is mainly made of canvas and steel bracket. The whole weight is also relatively light, only about 6 kg, load 125 kg. Isn't this convenient?