What Factors Affect The Price Of Folding Chairs?

- Jun 05, 2019-

We know now folding chairs on the market competition is very intense, especially the low price product competition has gradually into the price war on the stage, it is known that folding chairs products due to the complex rate is low enough, basically there is no brand loyalty consumers, especially in the low-end market, many consumers purchase the brand for its influence is relatively low, and the most sensitive to consumer is price of the product, no matter the salesman how to emphasize the quality of the products, after-sales service also can't save the customer, and only the price is the magic weapon of runoff.

So how can folding chair manufacturer control good price? Small make up today to tell you about the impact of folding chair product prices are what factors.

1, suppliers, we know that folding chairs manufacturers are generally require the purchase of raw materials from suppliers to production into into the plate, so it can not only provide the high quality high quality suppliers of raw materials at the same time also can give to a preferential price, if we can than the competition at the time of raw material procurement cost less money so the cost of production of folding chairs will be less than the competition.

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2, production process, we can try to achieve advantage in raw materials procurement, still can save costs through the production process, such as the use of advanced imported equipment to improve production efficiency, for example the domestic many small and medium-sized manufacturer of folding chairs or half mechanization of production equipment, waste more human and production efficiency is relatively low, but if we use the automatic equipment to replace part of the human, it is conceivable that the production cost will be better than its rivals.

3. Management: through efficient management mode, the enterprise can better coordinate various resources in folding chair factory to improve production efficiency, and meanwhile reduce product quality and after-sales problems, thus reducing expenses and costs for the enterprise.

4. Sales channels: in the past, folding chair manufacturers used to sell goods from shops, so profits can be Shared with dealers. Now, if we can provide one-stop service through channels established by ourselves, the final sales price will definitely be more favorable than that of competitors who sell goods from shops.