Welcome To Visit Sunwee In Canton Fair 2019 From 31,Oct To 4,Nov. Our Booth No. Is 4.2N03.

- Sep 29, 2019-

Welcome to visit Sunwee in Canton Fair from 31,Oct to 4,Nov. Our Booth No. is 4.2N03


Canton Fair Camping Chair

Xiamen Sunwee Outdoor Co.,Ltd will attend Canton Fair Phase 3 that will be held from 2019-10-31 to 2019-11-04. Our Booth No is 4.2N03, welcome to visit us, and look forward to seeing you there!


We are a professional OEM manufacturer of many kinds of outdoor/camping furniture, such as camping chairs, folding tables, camping beds, camp cupboards, cooler bags, etc.  Not only we manufacture, but also design and test our products. Additionally, any design and logo can be customized exclusively for you! 

canton fair camping furniture

We will be in the area of Sports, Travel and Recreation Products, which includes

· Sports Products

Indoor & Outdoor Sports Products: Balls and Accessories, Boxing Equipment, Skateboards, Roller Skates, Skates, Fitness Equipment, Household Training Equipment, Sports Nets, Trampoline, Archery, Bicycle and its Accessories, Billiards, Shooting, Hunting, Climbing, Ropes, Track & Field Equipment, Equestrian Equipment, Beach Sports Equipment, Sports Glasses, Sports Cases and Bags Water Sports & Diving Equipment: Goggles, Diving Masks, Diving Suits, Flappers, Snorkels, Diving Accessories, Paddleboard and its Accessories, Swimming Equipment and its Accessories, Water-Skiing Equipment Sports Souvenirs: Trophy Cups, Certificates of Rewards, Medals, Flags, Emblems

· Travel and Recreation Products

Fishing Tools: Fishhooks, Fish Twines, Fishing Nets, Fishing Rods, Fish Bag, Fishing Bobbins, Fishing Tools and its Accessories Barbeque Tools: Electric Barbeque, Gas Barbeque, Carbon Brick Barbeque, Grills, Ignition Instrument, Barbeque Accessories Outdoor Casual Products: Swings, Hammocks, Sun Umbrellas Musical Instruments Chesses and Pokers Outdoor Tour Articles: Backpacks, Protected Coverings, Air Cushions, Sleeping Bags, Blankets, Tents and Accessories, Camping Articles and Accessories.