Outdoor Table And Chair Cleaning Method

- May 15, 2019-

Outdoor tables and chairs are not only made of wood, but also made of aluminum alloy, tesling cloth, PE cane, plastic parts and so on. The cleaning method for outdoor tables and chairs is not only cloth scrubbing is ok, according to different raw materials to take different cleaning methods, so not only clean and not damage. Here's how. Aluminum alloy: if the surface stains, please wipe with water, do not use strong acid or strong alkaline detergent. Treslin cloth: wipe with a cloth and clean water. Wooden desk and chair: wipe with dishcloth, do not scrape with hard object, lest damage the waterproof layer of the surface. PE cane: can use soft brush, dishcloth or vacuum cleaner to clear PE cane to make furniture, should prevent collision and knife point or hard object to scratch. PE cane can be moistureproof, anti - aging, anti - insect, anti - infrared ray, so do not have to spend too much thought on maintenance. Plastic: can use common scour cathartic, attention does not encounter hard object, need not metal is brushed wash brush. Should prevent collision and knife point or hard object scratch, if there is cracking, can be repaired by hot melt method.

Metal parts: avoid bumping and scratching the surface protection layer when handling; Do not stand to fold furniture above, lest fold place is out of shape and influence is used. Need to be swabbed with lukewarm soapy water only, do not use strong acid or strong alkalescent cleaner cleanness, lest damaged the surface to protect a layer and rusty.

Tempered glass: do not use sharp objects to strike or impact glass edges and corners; Do not wipe glass surfaces with corrosive liquids; Don't wipe the glass surface with rough materials to avoid damage to the glass. The above information describes that outdoor tables and chairs with different raw materials should adopt different cleaning methods. I want to know more about outdoor furniture customization, outdoor tables and chairs, and outdoor garbage cans.