Outdoor Furniture Is Getting Closer To People's Life

- May 20, 2019-

Now outdoor furniture is getting closer to people's life.

Before, outdoor furniture is a mansion, foreign house patent, a symbol of status and status. When outdoor furniture has become a part of fashion life, urbanites can no longer restrain their enthusiasm for it. Need intention only actually decorate, a balcony, even if be a corner only, can construct the sense that gives a garden.

To break the outdoor furniture and indoor furniture line, now many outdoor furniture designers pay more attention to design, to accord with human body curve and its material properties for the two benchmark, overall modelling more streamline and rhythm feeling, on the basis of the standardized parameters, to improve the performance and size of furniture, strive for the combination of aesthetics and ergonomics.

In order to let outdoor furniture develop the effect of RELAX adequately, reflect the recreational idea that returns to nature, also want to notice the person's heart to feel on putting, it is a theme with the modelling such as streamline, arc, leaf and flowers more, give a person with the closest and natural comfortable feeling, let body and mind achieve perfect fit.

Outdoor furniture is the key to withstand the test of weather, so compared with the need for regular maintenance of wood outdoor furniture, metal material is more durable, especially after the waterproof treatment of alloy material, not only not easy to rust, but also strong and durable. Although the outdoor furniture made of bamboo and rattan is beautiful and in harmony with the outdoor environment, it is expensive and difficult to take care of, so it must be of good quality and special treatment. There is a kind of imitation rattan material on the market -- xiteng, which is relatively cheap and easy to clean, and more suitable for outdoor use.

The material that outdoor furniture brand jin jia USES is plastic fiber character, exterior looks very close to natural cane to plait furniture, but this kind of material is not afraid of wind to blow rain dousing insolation, still can fight UV, it is the outdoor furniture that a lot of top class inn, mansion choose.

To the space is finite "garden" for, had better choose to be able to fold or can fold the design that put, can receive easily so. If it is travel outing need, can choose aluminum alloy or canvas material outdoor furniture, light weight, easy to carry, picnic, fishing is very convenient, had better take some outdoor equipment, such as tents, barbecue oven rack, for outdoor travel add a lot of fun.