How To Choose The Material Of Beach Chair

- May 15, 2019-

Beach chair is what we can't see in our daily life! You can often see it on the beach. It is very comfortable to lie on the beach chair to feel the sunshine and enjoy the sea breeze, but how to choose the beach chair? There are four common materials in life

1. Cane beach chair

Cane makes beach chair very common also, it is to show romantic only beautiful visual effect with tie yi union commonly. Its bracket is built with thickened iron pipe and cast iron wire drawing iron frame commonly, and undertake face is to use emulative cane, lie above can feel very cool and refreshing and comfortable. But this beach chair is not very convenient to carry. Generally applicable to villas, courtyards.

2. Canvas beach chair

Canvas beach chair is the heart love of many young "travel friend", it has light body and fashionable appearance. Can fold flexibly, carry so rise very convenient, additional canvas beach chair has all sorts of color to be able to choose, people can decide according to his be fond of. Generally suitable for outdoor camping, rallies, exhibitions, living room seats and so on.

3. Wooden beach chair

Wooden beach chair is the most common beach chair, used in sanya resort and five-star hotel. The wooden beach chair is made of wood raw materials. The real wood raw materials have gone through special anti-corrosion treatment, which can achieve the effect of anti-termite and anti-moth. Besides, the wood has gone through drying treatment and won't be easily deformed. In appearance, wooden beach chair has more quality, with wooden small square table, landscape umbrella, very high-end atmosphere and grade, but high quality solid wood beach chair price is relatively expensive, and need later maintenance. Generally suitable for high-end hotels and resorts, if the economic conditions are good, you can consider wood.

4. Plastic beach chairs

Plastic beach chair is generally used polyethylene production processing molding, compared with other beach chair, its price is more affordable, and the appearance is also particularly fashionable, elegant. Plastic plasticity is strong, can be processed into different shapes, and the color choice is rich, but plastic beach chair is not corrosion resistant, not wear resistant, the use of life noodles is relatively short. Generally applicable to exhibition, real estate rest area, square, household can also.