What should I pay attention to when buying camping chairs

- Jul 03, 2020-

▷ personal experience

Personal experience is very important! Try a friend's chair before you start your own camp chair. Don't rely on imagination to buy a chair. After all, everyone will experience different degrees of comfort.


Some chairs may be suitable for sitting in a daze, but eating, cooking and chatting with friends may get stuck in the thigh or make the stomach feel uncomfortable.


After considering the use scene of the chair, the carrying space of the car and other factors, the chair will be returned immediately after the chair is bought and tested.

▷ storage

Storage volume is inversely proportional to comfort. The stability and support of the chair must be set aside in the back of the car.


After storage, they are usually flat and flaky chairs, which may need to be stored first, stuffed under the trunk, and then stacked with other equipment. After storage is a column chair, which can be flexibly placed according to its weight, and can be placed on backpacks, motorcycles and so on.

▷ height

Generally, tables and chairs are used together. When choosing chairs, we should consider the collocation of the chair surface and the table. High chairs should be equipped with high tables, while low chairs should be equipped with low tables to avoid embarrassment caused by uneven height of tables and chairs.


Buying chairs is the same as camping itself. There is no need to insist on reaching the designated position at one time. We can gradually have different experiences and needs according to the number of camping times and the environment. If you want to start camping, you can start by buying a chair and enjoying the beautiful scenery~

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