What kind of park chair should the park choose?

- May 15, 2019-

Plastic wood material: from wood powder, straw plant fiber and the PVC, PE and other thermoplastic resin and its recycled plastic as the basic raw material, supplemented by other chemical raw materials, additives, etc., through scientific and reasonable mix design and advanced extrusion granulation technology, series plastic wood grain compound was prepared first, then by moulding, extrusion, injection processing, such as forming were produced in the environmental protection material.

Features: no decay, no deformation, no fading, no cracking, waterproof, insect proof, mildew proof, no maintenance, 100% recycling and other advantages.

Application: suitable for construction, communication, packaging, storage, furniture and other industries.

Advantages: plastic wood products have waterproof, anticorrosive, moth - proof, flame - retardant, anti - static. And has enough strength, stiffness, impact resistance, wear resistance, deformation resistance and other mechanical properties. Raw material recycling, plastic products, use of environmental protection, cost economy, recycling and recycling, very industrial value application prospects.

Plastic wood prospect: plastic wood can completely replace wood, cost-effective than wood, increase the added value of wood scraps, make full use of resources, is conducive to greening the land, protect the ecological environment. It alleviates the increasingly serious white pollution of waste plastics to the environment. Is a kind of recycling, waste into a new product.