What is the material description of the folding chair

- Jul 17, 2020-

Folding chair is widely used because it can be folded and stored, save storage space and is easy to carry, especially in large conference places, which is also a favorite style of chair rental companies.


The key quality of the seat is the bearing capacity. 95% of the weight of the chair is applied to the chair after sitting. At the moment of sitting, the acceleration of gravity will produce a certain impact force. Therefore, the bearing capacity of the chair can not only be designed to meet the human weight standard, but also need to be more than or equal to 2 times.


At present, only wood and metal are used to support the chair; steel tube chair frame is the most used chair fixed frame in recent years, which is simple and firm. Because the chair needs to be folded, the front chair frame and the back chair frame cannot be welded dead, so it needs to be made into movable buckle. The material of the movable buckle includes plastic and metal. The buckle made of plastic should be thickened. Moreover, the plastic can not be recycled for many times, otherwise it is not strong enough to support.


The seat plate and back are usually made of Oxford cloth and plastic plate, while wood or pure metal are rarely used. The weight of these two kinds of materials will weaken the advantages of easy carrying of folding chairs. Oxford cloth is generally used for leisure folding chairs that can lie down, and plastic plates are used for office and conference folding chairs. In the north, this kind of hard folding chair will feel cold when sitting. Therefore, sunyou adds a set of sponge filled cushion on the seat board and back of some folding chairs. The surface layer can be made of cloth or leather, and the color can also be selected arbitrarily, so that customers who want to match the color can choose a variety of choices.

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