What are the types of outdoor chairs? Which chair should I choose for the weekend picnic?

- Jun 05, 2020-

No matter what kind of outdoor sports, an outdoor chair is indispensable. Therefore, when purchasing outdoor equipment in spring, we should not only focus on tent mats, but also add a few new chairs.


So, what kind of outdoor chair? Which chair should I choose for the weekend picnic? What kind of chair should I take to the beach?


Let's take a look at the types of outdoor chairs today.

1. Luxury armchair

Luxurious and comfortable, portable storage, soft home cotton, multi-functional storage, suitable for outdoor self driving camping, leisure, fishing, sketching, can be used indoors, as a lunch chair.

camping chair

2. QQ chair

KingCamp's classic best-selling chair, with a weight of 240 Jin, is more comfortable to use in the shape of the moon. It can be used as an outdoor and indoor lunch chair.

moon chair

3. Director chair

As the name suggests, it's the chair that directors like to sit in when they make films. Why do you like it? It can be opened without installation and storage in the middle. The bracket is made of thick aluminum alloy, and there are side tables and beverage racks which are easy to fold.

director chair

4. Armchair

It's a chair suitable for outdoor rest. It's super portable, easy to store and can help you relax at any time.

folding camp Armchair

5. Make up chair

It is usually used as makeup for the crew, with a high seat position, and equipped with cup holder, side bag, side table and footrest, all of which are user-friendly designs for convenient use of makeup.


Make up chair

6. Children's chair

Specially designed for children's cartoon design chair, yellow tiger design tiger head tiger brain is extremely cute, plus cotton design also makes sitting more comfortable.

Children's chair

7.Beach chair

The design of short feet and high back can keep stable even on the soft beach; the breathable mesh design of the back is also suitable for the hot and humid environment of the beach. 

beach chair

8. Sofa

Look at the appearance, you can feel it. It's a luxurious and comfortable folding chair like a sofa! Super thick Oxford cotton fabric gives soft touch, and the cross webbing design on the bottom is more secure and comfortable.