The Unique Superior Performance Of The Portable Folding Bed

- Oct 22, 2019-

The mid-bed has a unique superior performance compared to a normal folding bed.
In a nap, the correct sleeping position is the most important. Whether you are squatting, leaning or sitting during nap, it will have adverse effects on the cervical vertebrae, eyeballs and muscle tissue. For this, the bed will be born. .
Ordinary folding beds mostly use a single-sided point connection, so that the waist connector is in an unstable state for a long time, so that not only the waist connector is easily damaged, but also a band-like bulge at the user's waist. It makes the people who have a nap have a feeling of waist and is very uncomfortable. The midday bed fundamentally abandoned the inherent deficiency of the ordinary folding bed.

Architecture of The midday bed     

The midday bed fundamentally abandons the congenital deficiency of the ordinary folding bed. The waist joint connection defect of the ordinary folding bed is fundamentally changed in the midday Portable bed.
People are okay to say, but it is almost impossible to find a bed in the "plaid room" to lie down and sleep comfortably. So some people slept on their desks, and some people just found a sofa for a while. Such a poor sleeping position makes the quality of the nap greatly compromised.
The unfolding is a bed with a width of 0.75 meters and a length of 1.83 meters and a weight of 120 kilograms. It is only a small bundle. It can be packed into a backpack, camped outdoors, and can be stored in a closet. The biggest feature of the bed is that it is easy to fold: it can be put up or unfolded in about 3 seconds. It weighs only 4 kilograms and can be carried on the shoulder when camping. It is wider than the camping bed after deployment, but it is smaller than the folding camping cot bed.
The structure of the nap bed is different from that of the camping bed. The bed surface is U-shaped, and the part of the body is flat. It is not easy to fall off when sleeping, and it will not cause local pain. The bed cloth of the Portable bed is made of thick cotton cloth, no PVC chemical coating, no rubber smell, soft and comfortable to lie on, and good ventilation. One bed can provide two sets of bedclothes in winter and summer.

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