The development of folding chair

- Jun 28, 2020-

Due to the folding chair itself has become a common seat, so there has been a variety of forms and production technology. Because the folding chair does not contain too many symbols of power and dignity, it also leads to the development of new functions and new designs. At the end of the 19th century, the folding chair has been the design product played by utilitarians, and various forms and uses of seats have appeared. Folding chairs have a long history of military use. It needs to have a straightforward and compact appearance, and meet durable features. When it began to show aesthetics, people had a memory of it. But it was never designed to be beautiful.


The name of napoleon chair fauteuil comes from Old French "faldestoel", and its root comes from "faldistorium" in Latin. In the past, the name of folding chair has the meaning of dignity and nobility, and this napoleon chair "fauteuil" has always existed as the name of the chief seat. There are tens of thousands of patents all over the world about the novel idea of folding chair (stool). Designers, inventors and ordinary craftsmen all put their energy into the design of seats, paying great attention to the folding, adjustment and comfort of chairs. However, the chairs produced in large quantities do not all contain fine design.


With the increasing number of folding and portable products, the industry produces the smallest and lightest components to form folding furniture to adapt to various weather conditions. People can see different folding chairs everywhere in camping, beach leisure, sports events and so on. It is a kind of chair that adapts to all habits and needs. Folding chairs can be used in school desks and chairs, in cinemas and theaters The main goal of creating a basic seat is to provide a short break and to fold (and collect) easily. Folding chairs have become an integral part of furniture.


The most modern folding chair was designed after a lot of social investigation and technical discussion: after the industrial visualization (THONET), with the German Bauhaus theory, the design of folding chair began to boom in 1965-75 years.

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