One of the applications of folding bed in space

- Dec 13, 2019-

I always want to have more beds at home, but I have to give up in consideration of taking up too much space ~ ~ ~ don't lose heart, Xiaobian will help you pay attention! In fact, this is not difficult, and there are many ways to achieve it. For example, the way of using the folding bed does not occupy space, but also brings many additional functions. Below, the editor summarizes 7 ways for you, hoping to bring some convenience to your home life.  

1. Add invisible folding bed in office space

Sometimes, it's unnecessary to occupy a large area of space just to add beds. Look at this studio. The spacious white cabinet hides the bed. During the day, the owner works here. At night, the bed in the cabinet can be pulled down to have a rest. Is this kind of space utilization rate very praiseworthy!

When the hidden bed is pulled to the ground and supported, the original cabinet naturally becomes a practical and creative bedside background wall, and the cabinets on both sides become a "natural barrier", bringing people a sense of psychological security.

2. Let the shelves in the office area accommodate the folding bed

If you often work overtime because of your busy work, it's better to add a folding bed in the office for your convenience. In this way, the folding bed can not only be used for your rest, but also be used to receive guests. When it's not needed, fold it up and your office space can still be spacious.

3. Let the storage cabinet in the entertainment room hide the folding bed

Look, a multi-functional entertainment room, not only does not hinder the needs of entertainment, but also can be used as a bedroom. This method is very suitable for friends who visit suddenly at home!

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