Material classification of folding bed

- Nov 26, 2019-

1. The folding way of bamboo, wood, metal and other materials folding bed is mainly in half. It has six legs, which can be folded to form a plane with the bed surface. It is characterized by hard structure, heavy weight and large volume, so it is mainly used at home.


2. The folding bed made of Oxford cloth and Teslin takes the soft Oxford cloth and Teslin cloth as the bed surface, and the main structure is round steel pipe similar to the joint principle to form the "skeleton". The folding way is flexible and diverse, and can be folded into a reclining chair. Its characteristics are: soft, light weight, small size, widely used in home, office, lunch break, leisure and other aspects. Because of its flexibility, light weight, low price and wide use, this kind of folding bed is also known as folding reclining chair, lunch rest chair, lunch rest chair, lunch rest bed, etc.

Folding Camping Cot Bed