Let the outdoor lounge chair really be used for leisure

- May 10, 2019-

Green economy, low-carbon life, we can no longer afford high energy consumption, high pollution way to create economic benefits, we need to have a better life, not only adequate food and clothing, but also dignity, but also harmony between man and nature.

Parks have been built all over the city so that people in impetuous life can relax after work and not be confined to their families. But in a city with a large population, parks are much the same, making people prone to visual fatigue; the relevant infrastructure of parks, there is nothing special, lingering and forgetting to return, here is really in one of the wishes to leave early, what is the reason in the end? It can be roughly summed up as follows:

1, the planning is not reasonable. Taking outdoor leisure chairs as an example (the same below), the distance, style and collocation between park chairs in the park need to be reasonably laid out.

2. Tofu Project. In order to accomplish the task quickly, regardless of the practicability of outdoor leisure chairs, the service population of outdoor leisure chairs is the common people. However, whether or not the outdoor leisure chairs are manufactured from the user's point of view when producing these chairs, which is not from a regular and reputable manufacturer, leads to the purchase of outdoor leisure chairs, which can not be used for a specified period of time, and repetitive construction is unavoidable.

Third, people's bad habits. When we go to the park, we can always find that the chairs in the park are dirty. We only pay attention to the maximization of personal short-term interests, but often ignore the long-term. The quality of the public is also one of the important reasons for the life span of outdoor leisure chairs.

Owl Peng chair industry is based on the people-oriented production concept, from the user's point of view, the products produced must first experiment whether they are comfortable, whether they will harm the skin, or harm children and the elderly. This is a conscience project. We refuse tofu residue products, we insist on doing a hundred-year project, we only intentionally do outdoor leisure chairs!

Let's all take action. The beauty of the city requires the joint efforts of all of us. Overhead a day, drinking water, create a low-carbon society.