Knowledge of leisure chairs

- May 20, 2019-

The style of recreational chair is diversiform, also very free on use, want to use only appropriate, same a piece of chair can develop different function in different space.

In the specific purchase, everyone has their own habits. So, how to choose chair according to oneself actual circumstance? It's all about habit.

1. The depth of the casual chair

Generally speaking, in a more formal occasion, people's sitting posture is very straight, more people like to sit in the front of the chair. However, if you are at home, you may sit deeper and feel as if you are sinking into a chair. In the choose and buy when, can sit to see, first try the table in the whole body of deep apricot X, can know whether it is the needs of both public and private.

2. Leisure chair foot height

The height of the feet of the leisure chair is related to the length of the legs of the user. Except for the bar chair, the height of the seat of the chair is not too exaggerated.

3, leisure chair arm height

If you're in the habit of letting your hands hang freely, choose a chair with low or no arms. If like to shrink whole person in the middle of the chair, so, armrest is taller, the chair with deeper seat face, probably optimal choice.

4, leisure chair back height

To like "just sit" person, besides the stool that can choose to do not have armrest, back of a chair, also can choose low armrest and low back of a chair, right now the center of gravity of the person will put in the person's waist coxal; If you prefer to focus on the back and so on the back of a chair, might as well choose high chair back of a chair, at this time also can look at the height of the back of a chair is near the neck, sometimes height in a chair near the neck, instead lets users habitually put the neck with a 90 - degree Angle on the back of a chair, so easily cause of cervical spine injury.

5. Slant of casual chair

The slant of the back and the soft comfort of the "extras" should also be taken into account. The inclination of the back of the chair is bounded by 90 degrees. Most of the chairs are slightly larger than 90 degrees. Thus, the center of gravity of the person is slightly backward, and the whole person can sit safely in the chair. Recreational sex function bigger chair, slope is bigger, let a person as if resemble "lie" on the chair.