Introduce my camping equipment: table and chair

- May 22, 2020-

Today, I will continue to talk about camping. Let's introduce my desk and chair.


I have a high demand for "sitting down" as a way of rest. If I go hiking with sesame, I will definitely put a chair in my backpack. Even if there is only a 30 minute lunch break, it's good to let the little guy have a place to sit and rest.


Today, I will also talk about the table by the way. After all, it's the equipment that matches the chair.


Camping chair


It's not comfortable to sit on the ground directly. Even if you go to the park to lay a picnic mat, it's worth taking a chair.


How to choose a chair


With so many chairs on the market, there are many folding chairs suitable for camping. If you go to decathlon, you can see so many chairs on the shelf.



The chair is used for rest. The most important criterion should be whether it is comfortable to sit. Some chairs look good, but there may be some small problems that make you uncomfortable to sit on. It's suggested to try it out in person if possible.


Camping chairs need to be moved from home to the outdoors, so the overall weight should also be considered. In my opinion, weight and stability have something to do with each other. Too light chair is often not stable, prone to rollover accidents, and even be blown away by the wind is possible. If there is a car for long-distance transportation, and there is a small cart to complete the last kilometer, then the problem of weight can not be too complicated.



When camping chairs are not used at home for daily use, they need to be considered for storage. There are many wooden and canvas chairs on the market, which look very nice and comfortable to lie on. But if it is not used at home, the chair will occupy a large storage space. In addition, we need to consider the storage space in the car. After all, camping equipment needs to be transported by car. Chairs that are too long or too wide are not suitable.



Camping table


Let's talk about the table. I think the table is OK, but it will be nice to have the equipment.


How to choose a table


A big principle is to follow the chair to choose the table. If you want to do something at the table, you must consider the cooperation between the two. Generally speaking, outdoor camping chairs are relatively short, so the camping table is not too high.


Another principle is to look at the purpose of the table. I have two tables, one big and one small. The big ones are for putting things, eating, drinking and playing. It's relatively high, just in line with the aforementioned helinox chair zero. The small one is really short. I think it's just a few centimeters high. It is used for air release tank and tableware to prevent overturning and dust isolation.


These two tables are both metal countertops, which can be used to let out hot things, such as freshly brewed coffee (probably above 90 ). Then it's easy to clean up if it's dirty. Generally, it's better to wipe it directly with a wet paper towel. I can't take it home and use detergent.


Compared with the solid wood table, the disadvantage of the metal table is not so good-looking, no matter what, it can not do the feeling of solid wood. But the advantage of my two tables is that they are small and very light.

folding camping table and chairs