How to put the folding chair flat

- Sep 04, 2020-

Press the armrest and push the back directly back. As a chair, as long as the back part is up, if you want to lie flat, put the back part down and fix it.

1. The structure of folding chair is relatively simple. It is generally composed of seat surface and back. Some folding reclining chairs have special armrest design, while others have no armrest design. Its folding part is the part that makes the back on the seat surface.

2. Different styles of folding chairs open in different ways. Generally, our common folding reclining chairs are Chinese style, Southeast Asian style and Mediterranean style. For example, our Chinese style folding reclining chairs may be of three-stage style. In this way, we should start with the pull rings on both sides of the recliner, and then pull out the middle part to adjust the recliner according to the height of the human body Length and width.

folding chair