How to match the folding stool (chair)?

- Jun 05, 2019-

Fold stool weighs fold chair again, have deft, can fold put wait for a characteristic, go to the lavatory already move, save a space again. In the meantime, the collocation condition of folding stool (chair) child is joker style, because he ADAPTS to most household to decorate a style, below any condition won't appear very "abrupt"

Folding stool you may not like its humble appearance, in fact, it is folded by a piece of material, the panel and back plate is generally used in the mold with native PP plastic injection molding; The frame and foot of the chair are made of square steel pipe with electrostatic silver powder. The square steel pipe is more durable than the round steel pipe. General chair wears bottom, the position that contacts with the ground namely can add footpad, rise to prevent slippery, prevent the action of scratch floor. The folding stool comprises a cover plate, a bottom plate with N sides, and N side plates successively enclosed corresponding to the N sides of the cover plate and the floor. The side plate comprises two equal-sized side plate elements hinged along its height.

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For what occasion is the folding chair suitable

Folding chair, deft, can fold the seat that puts a function, go to the lavatory already move, save a space again. It was originally used for military purposes. Common terms all kinds of training institutions, schools at all levels, public places, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, companies, families and other places.

All in all, fold stool (chair) child collocation any other small furniture suits very much, need not pay attention to integral style, because it itself is one window, one ornament.