How to Extend the Service Life of Outdoor Furniture

- May 15, 2019-

Outdoor furniture only needs to be durable and durable. Solid wood furniture surface can pass wax processing or paint processing, anticorrosive treatment, do not use strong acid strong alkali when swabbed while avoiding man-made damage, lest damage lacquer film. Generally speaking, coniferous wood is better than broad-leaved wood. Wood outdoor furniture of choose and buy had better choose the lumber with higher oil content, general lumber chooses fir and pine mostly, teak to wait; And tenon although furniture has the aesthetic feeling of rural nature and structure, but it is ok to want craft good ability. The material that iron art and cane implement pledges relatively onefold, choose rise not difficult, to requirement of outdoor wood furniture is stricter.

Because different woodiness suffers environmental influence degree difference big, want to follow a few principles when choosing so: man-made board furniture is unsuited to outdoor, easy because of the sun and rain and be out of shape. Should choose tree species to compare relatively stable, material property is stable also solid wood.

The furniture that makes with real wood only wants a bit poorer on durability, in order to obtain longer service life, outdoor furniture often is cast iron and the union of wood or steel pipe and wood. Want to be to be put in outdoor furniture only, have two general conserve principle: the first is to want to avoid as far as possible blow in the sun, the 2nd is to avoid the conserve layer that destroys furniture surface artificially. See separately, the surface of tieyi furniture basically passes electroplating or oxidizing processing, the mechanical property of material qualitative itself is stronger, wear away not easily again, apply so more extensive. Choose the need to pay attention to the rust treatment must be in place, and iron furniture surface protection of the oxide layer is very easy to wear, use should pay attention to avoid the furniture surface bump.

As for rattan ware, it is the worst material durability, so we should make full use of its lightweight advantage, and try to put it away when not in use, or it will have a very short service life. Choose and buy metal material outdoor furniture appropriate to choose aluminum or after baking paint and waterproof treated alloy material; If choose bamboo cane qualitative outdoor furniture, had better depend on its specific use occasion and decide. Foldable outdoor furniture is more flexible to use and does not take up space. Folding outdoor furniture, no matter it is wood or iron, can be easily folded by connecting pieces, so that these furniture can be easily received in Beijing when the climate is not good. If you want to travel, you can easily take it away.