How to choose the foot of outdoor leisure chair?

- Jun 05, 2019-

Recreational chair is on chair crural choice, what should notice? What is the characteristic of recreational chair chair foot? Actually, the chair foot of recreational chair is a finalize the design like skeleton place to the itself of whole recreational chair. Have what kind of chair foot, can have what kind of recreational chair. All sorts of chair crural bring all sorts of "soul" to recreational chair, suit sundry place and atmosphere, must pay attention to the relation of chair crural and recreational chair when chair of choose and buy so. Chair foot basically has the following kinds: steel plate foot -- the chair foot that almost most recreational chair can use as same as cast iron foot is same, because it is to use steel plate or Angle steel or square steel round tube and so on, form steel is made, so purchase processing and creative modelling have very big flexibility.

To craft requirement is not tall, so the recreational chair of this kind of foot wants to get beautiful result to want the originality of more stylist even. Steel foot is an ideal material for leisure chairs. Cast iron feet - like steel feet, are one of the main materials for leisure chair feet. It is made by pouring molten steel (high temperature liquid steel) into a mold and cooling it. The shape of this kind of foot basically sees the design creation of stylist at the beginning, mould is made after success it is very difficult to alter. In terms of strength, it is very strong and heavy because of molten steel casting. Compared with steel plate feet, patterns such as patterns can be added to make the leisure chair more beautiful. What price must note is, chamber of commerce of chair foot of some recreational chair adds other cheap element in steel (carbon, or iron) or change thin chair foot thickness, on the one hand became light, the intensity of chair foot on the other hand can drop again. It is also important to note that the foot of the chair is highly likely to be stolen.

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Not only can cast steel, cast aluminum feet are more upscale, but they are also more expensive to press -- compared to steel and cast iron feet, stamping feet of leisure chairs seem more competitive. It is easier and more efficient to manufacture the chair foot by stamping the steel plate under the large machine. But the legs need to be mass-produced to justify the cost of starting a large machine... Granite foot - granite foot used for landscape parks and other places, because its feet are granite or marble stone, more in line with the "garden park" and other fields. And the granite itself is heavy and hard, so it does not need to be fixed to the ground. Of course, steel structural parts are needed to combine granite with wood. One is stainless steel chair foot again, do not introduce more here. It should be noted that stainless steel is rarely used in China, mainly because of the quality of people. The most important, it is the steel structure of all recreational chair, because its use environment is outdoor, add environmental acid rain to be corroded more easily rust. Therefore, the best solution is to acid wash the steel structure phosphate spray (rather than paint).