How to choose tables and chairs for camping

- Aug 14, 2020-

In addition to tents, sleeping bags and other sleeping supplies, tables and chairs are also one of the key equipment to improve comfort. Because of the limited carrying capacity of motorcycles, there is also a knack for choosing camping items.


After the introduction of sleeping bags, cushions and headlights, Mr. Watanabe, who likes camping the most, will explain the knowledge of chairs and tables.


Chair: pay attention to sitting comfort


Although the chair will take up a lot of space in the luggage, if you have it, it will greatly improve your camping experience. It can be said that it is necessary for motorcycle camping. If you're camping for comfort, you spend most of your time in a chair, so make sure it's comfortable.

 camping stool

In recent years, assembled chairs are popular, usually in the style of a brand called "heliox". In terms of comfort, when the chair unfolds, your comfort is almost proportional to the size of the chair, but you need to consider how much space you have in your bag.


The height of the seat surface of the portable chair is 44cm, and the height of knee joint bending is close to 90 degrees. It is not so much relaxing as sitting. The seat surface of the small outdoor chair is 36cm high, which takes into account the storage size and comfort. The sitting posture is that the feet are stretched forward and the back of the chair is deepened. The height of the middle back outdoor chair is 46.5cm, which is similar to the ordinary chair. It can sit on the chair for a long time, and the chair back height can also be fully relaxed.


Table: choose with convenient height and storage


After buying a chair, you will want to buy a table. However, if the luggage for motorcycle travel is stored in the bag, the selection range will be greatly reduced.


There are two kinds of tables, one is a low table, the other is a high table, both can be folded.


[metal table top is very convenient] the table made of heat-resistant materials does not need to worry about the waste heat of the furnace or pot. It is very convenient to use, especially when using the card furnace, the table top must be heat-resistant.

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