How to choose a folding bed

- Jun 12, 2020-

In recent years, foldable bed with its "simple, comfortable" characteristics gradually into the lives of Chinese people, with the improvement of living standards, more and more people began to buy foldable bed, its application is more and more extensive. So, how to choose the folding bed?

1. type

First of all, we should know what kind of folding bed we need and what is the main use of the bed. For example, the comfort of the general home (such as nanny bed, extra bed in guest room, personal lunch break, etc.) is more important than that of the mobile (such as escort bed, office leisure, etc.). If you need to put it on the car for tourism, of course, you need to choose a relatively small size and easy to use directly. Note: the size of the bed is generally selected according to the width of the bed.

2. mattress

Mattress is an important core part of the whole folding bed. If the material of mattress is not good, it will cause great damage to human body. Therefore, when choosing a mattress, you must carefully confirm that there are several layers of cotton or cotton to see if the elasticity is enough and how elastic recovery is. General good mattress from bottom to top order is: hard cotton, elastic cotton, sponge, warm cotton and other layers. Poor quality mattresses are full when they are bought. They will be upset when they fall down after a period of time.

3. Bed fabric

Bed fabric mainly looks comfortable, breathable and warm. Fabric is in direct contact with the body, which can not be ignored. Choose anti-static, anti moisture, anti insect, anti bacteria.


The biggest difference between foldable bed and fixed bed is that they can move and occupy no space. On the contrary, they can not compare with fixed bed in terms of stability. So the first thing we choose is the stability of the bed. It depends on the wheel, the steel frame, the bolt and the spring. Lying on the bed, squeaking, I feel like breaking up, how can I sleep at ease? The quality of the steel frame directly affects the practicability and life of the bed. Steel pipe coating to choose spray plastic technology, mainly for beauty and rust.

5.Before buying a bed, take a good look at the seller's details page and compare several. First of all, we should see what kind of bed we need and what kind of bed we want. I hope my experience can help you to choose a suitable folding bed.

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