How do novices organize camping equipment?

- May 29, 2020-

The first camping is always excited and worried. On the one hand, we are looking forward to the coming activities, but we are worried about whether the inexperienced self will be left behind and embarrassed?

What's more, I don't even know what kind of camping style I like. Even if I have enough silver bullets, I don't know how to start. So, let's briefly introduce the basic equipment that novice campers may need!

Furniture: table and chair, camp lamp, tableware basket, ice bucket

Tables and chairs: simple but complicated. Some people can use a small folding table with a scout chair. Some people don't even have a table, just a comfortable chair. Generally, if you don't open a table, it's recommended to bring the existing folding table or buy an egg roll table from home. But if you need to open a table, you should consider the table's weight tolerance. After all, the weight of food and cooking utensils is considerable. Considering the safety, you should also choose a firmer table. As for the chair, you can bring the small bench at home at the beginning, and then observe the equipment of other campmates, and then find the type that suits your needs.


camping table

folding chair

Suggestions for novices: a camping chair that can make people sit relaxed and usually does not occupy a place is worth having. It is not only available for camping, but also suitable for putting on the front balcony of the home.


Cutlery hanging basket: it's easy for beginners to ignore the cutlery hanging basket. In fact, strictly speaking, if your table is large enough, some people will directly cover the dishes and air dry them on the table. However, if you have simplified the equipment sufficiently and only brought a small table, and you have to put pots and dishes, you may not be able to plug them. At this time, the basket is a very convenient and space saving good helper, the key is to store light and convenient.


Ice bucket / refrigerator: a lot of dew friends will buy Portable fresh-keeping refrigerators, but even if there is no portable refrigerator, there are many alternative solutions. The way of adding refrigerant ice bricks to the ice bucket or the outer pot of the smouldering pot also has a certain level of cooling capacity.

 camping cupboard

Lighting equipment: at present, most of the camps have power supply, and the most common plug-in camp lights are OK in most of the camps. It's easy to start with the low price. Pay attention to the selection of insect proof light bulbs, and slightly avoid the trouble of flying insects around.


Advice for novices: these items are not high compared to the unit price, and they are also used in general living rooms. You can buy them according to your own preferences.