He invented the folding bed!

- Nov 15, 2019-

The earliest folding bed appeared in the late Warring States period. Its structure is generally divided into three parts: bed, bed bar and bed drawer. Such a bed can be folded, and the length and width of the bed frame will be much smaller after folding. The material is usually hard wood.

Among the emperors of all dynasties in China, there are two distinctive carpenter emperors, who have reached the peak in carpentry and become possessed by the devil. One is emperor Yuanshun, a fat man who can design his own giant dragon boat, who was finally driven out of the Central Plains by Zhu Yuanzhang; the other is Zhu Yuanzhang's own offspring, the "talented Carpenter" of mingxizong, Zhu Youxiao, who is the inventor and manufacturer of the first folding bed in history.

The appearance of folding bed brings convenience to people's life. It is characterized by great humanization, can lie down and sit up, and is very convenient for storage and handling

Folding  Cot Bed