Have you chosen the right outdoor folding chair

- Nov 06, 2020-

01. Where are you going

Before choosing a chair, you need to assess the environment. Of course, a chair can be used in different environments. It can be used in camping, in front of the dining table, or indoors. However, it is not suitable for use on the beach or for carrying when camping on foot. Therefore, you need to choose the most suitable folding chair according to the environment.

If you are using it for self driving camping, you can choose the leisure chair and the more comfortable chair. It has a variety of shapes, such as moon like, sofa like, etc.

If you are backpacking, camping, or traveling, if you want to have a seat at any time during the journey, you might as well put an extra light chair in the backpack. Light weight, small size, good support, can be used as a rest seat.

If you go to the beach in summer, you should have a beach chair. It is short, hind legs can stretch on the beach, and the back is set with ventilation mesh to increase comfort; and a drink bag is set at the armrest.

The director's chair, which often appears in the crew's sidelights, is liked by the crew because it is light and durable. This kind of chair looks classic, can also be used at home, of course, can be used in camping.

If you want to be more comfortable, you might as well choose the reclining chair! Comfortable, good support, many types can also adjust the angle, according to the need to adjust.

camping chair

02. Dimensions and weights

Compared with the wooden tables and chairs or sofas used at home, the folding chairs used outdoors are obviously much lighter, but they are also graded and have their own scenes. If you're self driving, it's more comfortable to choose a large chair; but if you're hiking and you have to carry them during a long walk, choose a smaller, lighter chair after folding.

This kind of outdoor ultra light chair is the first choice, because the bracket and fabric can be decomposed, and the volume after folding is smaller; the aviation aluminum bracket and fine fabric are used to make the overall weight lighter; the tension of the bracket and fabric is used to support the chair, so it has comfort.

Lighter, of course, is the triangle stool chair, which is less comfortable than the camping chair (but any seat is much better than sitting on the wet, cold ground, isn't it?) But its convenience features are unparalleled.

camping stool

03. Load bearing capacity

Not all chairs (as like as two peas look almost the same) can bear the same weight. Therefore, before purchasing, it is important to check the bearing capacity of the chair. Generally speaking, children's or teenagers' chairs can bear 67-100kg, and adult's chairs can bear 100-225kg.

04. Children's chair

When purchasing children's chairs, please remember to choose the style that can be locked after unfolding the chair bracket, so as to prevent the chair from folding when the child jumps or plays on it. Children can choose chairs according to their favorite color or design style!