Folding chair shopping skills

- May 25, 2019-

1. An outdoor folding chair is made of steel pipe and oxford fabric, which is resistant to dirt.

2. A high-quality folding chair logo is generally embroidered with a computer, which is high-end atmosphere and demonstrates quality.

3. The rear door is not firmly fixed, which directly affects the quality of the chair. A chair should be reinforced with plastic.

4. The four corner hardware of the chair should be smooth and sleek, and the production process should be good.

5. Use a gasket between the steel pipe and the steel pipe so that the chair shrinks freely and does not rub the paint off.

6. Plastic parts should be smooth and tolerant, and the steel pipe should be 16mm in diameter.

7. Because this product is used more frequently in the outdoor, the manufacturer will design a side pocket next to it to facilitate the removal of debris.

8. A genuine product must have a tag with a specification, an implementation standard, a barcode, and a matching bag.