Features and uses of different types of folding chairs

- May 30, 2019-

Folding chair, lightweight, stackable seat, easy to move and save space. Originally used for military purposes. In recent years, folding chairs have been continuously developed and widely used. People can see different folding chairs everywhere in camping, beach leisure, sports events and so on. It meets the needs of people for a short break, and can be easily folded or stored, making it an integral part of furniture.

With the diversification of people's living needs, folding chairs have great innovations in style, and they are more and more novel in design, which can be roughly divided into the following categories:

1. Outdoor folding chairs: Most of them are made of aluminum alloy tube and ABS engineering plastic. They are light in weight and easy to fold. There are handrails on both sides, which is more convenient to use. Simple and easy to collect, it is easy to carry when you go out, does not occupy any space, you can just find a place to store when you are not using it. In addition, the seat surface can be dismantled at will and easy to clean. Widely used in leisure places such as courtyards, corridors, outdoor activities.

2, coffee table folding chair: can be opened as a coffee table, can be collected after use, light weight, suitable for travel or family use.

3, leisure lounge chair: sunscreen, anti-deformation, easy to fold, light weight, easy to carry, save space, in addition to all the performance of the joint folding chair, it is more durable than the joint, suitable for picnics in the countryside.

4, cool folding chair: single-sided chair design and backrest, more cool and comfortable, can be placed directly on the ground, regardless of eating, cool, are quite convenient and comfortable.