Cleaning and maintenance of Camping Cots

- Nov 04, 2019-

Different cleaning methods should be used according to different materials

First, if the leather fabric is stained with stains, it can be wiped with fresh milk to make it more glossy and soft.

Second, the  Camping Cots is accidentally stained with oil stains, which can be wiped with warm soapy water and then rubbed off with rubber.

Third, if the Camping Cots is stained with ballpoint pen oil, it is better to wipe it off with an eraser.

Fourth, if you don't sprinkle beer, soda and coffee on the bed, you can dry them with warm water first, and then wipe them with water.

Fifthly, if the  Camping Cots is sticky to gum, you can use ice to solidify it and then take it off.

Sixth, if the  Camping Cots accidentally touches the cream, it can be dried with a dry cloth first, and then wiped with a little detergent.


maintenance of Camping Cots

First, please don't put the  Camping Cots in direct sunlight and damp place;

Second, do not use alcohol to clean the stains to prevent the product from over aging.