Camping equipment the easiest way to improve happiness

- Sep 25, 2020-

1.This camping stool  has a load-bearing capacity of 150kg. The camping stool  surface and foot have anti-skid design. It can sit in the field or place heavy objects such as buckets. The most important thing is that it's compact and can always be used when you go out in the trunk.


I believe that there is a universal  camping stool   in every family, which can be found in the kitchen, toilet and other spaces. The flat storage characteristics of this folding stool can be practical at the same time, it does not affect the beauty and does not occupy space. It is the "universal bench" of camping.

 camping stool

2.This green one is more functional,fishing stool with backpack, After a day's fishing, it can help you load all the tools. It's amazing!

fishing stool with backpack

3.This kind of folding chair is an entry-level model. The material of the bracket is iron pipe, and the stool surface is Oxford cloth. Generally speaking, it is very stable. The support is also comfortable. The bonus is that there are water cup and mobile phone storage bag on the side.


This is a functional seat for me. Its appearance and shape are quite regular, but it is very practical.

camping chair