Beach lounge features

- Jun 05, 2019-

What a wonderful thing it is to lie on the beach on a sunny day. Maybe it's a longing for the future, maybe it's a yearning for a better life. All those wonderful stories come to mind. Lying in the outdoor beach chair, as if place oneself in the middle of the sea, feel boundless sea, relax the mood, enjoy leisure life. Next, introduce the characteristics of outdoor beach lounge chair and beach lounge technology.

beach chair with shoulder strap

Beach lounge features

1. According to engineering mechanics, make each force point uniform

2. The gusset plate is made of high-quality ABS engineering plastic, which is very firm

3. The bracket design adopts the trigonometry principle, and its stability is very good

4, each stress point is relatively uniform, very durable

5. The fabric adopts double Oxford cloth, which is wear-resistant, anti-aging, anti-tearing and waterproof.

Outdoor beach lounge chair technology

What outdoor beach chair USES is pure manual braid, use rise very soft, give a person to feel very comfortable, easy, suit to put outdoor very much, and more and more the favour that gets owner people. This outdoor beach chair not only brings convenience to people, but also becomes a beautiful landscape in the city.