Basic list of outdoor camping equipment

- Nov 19, 2019-

Outdoor camping friends go camping in the wild, at least 1-2 days camp camping, do not want to sit in the ground or eat on the big stone and rest, it is best to take a folding stool and a small table, to sit comfortably after a break, It is recommended that you choose an aluminum, foldable table, too heavy or too large is always inconvenient. The aluminum folding stool is very suitable for camping, light enough and fine.

Table and chair categories:

It can be simple and complicated. Some people have small folding tables with a scout chair, and some even don't have a table at all, just a comfortable chair. Usually if you don't open a group, it is recommended to bring an existing folding table or buy an egg roll table from home, but if you need to open a partnership, then you should consider the table toughness. After all, the weight of the food and pot is considerable, considering the safety issue. Pick a firm table. As for the chair, you can take the small bench at home in the beginning, then observe the equipment of other campers, and then find out the type that suits your needs. With my years of camping experience, in the camp, the camping chair is equivalent to the status of the sofa in the home. In addition to the time to rest in the tent, a lot of time is spent sitting in the camping chair, a comfortable folding chair is the most worthwhile investment equipment, it is best to choose a chair with a shoulder and neck, can take the head when sitting Fully pillowed on the back of the chair for a relaxing feeling, and a few folding benches are the ideal outdoor living room setting.

Reclining Folding Camping ChairFolding Camping Cot

Advice for novices: A camping chair that allows people to sit and relax, and usually does not occupy a position is worth having. Not only camping is available, but also a balcony in the front yard of the home.

Tableware basket

What the novices tend to overlook is the tableware basket. In fact, strictly speaking, if your desk is big enough, some people will put the washed dishes directly on the table and dry them. However, if you have fully simplified the equipment, only bring a small table, but also put the pot and put the tableware, it may not be able to plug. At this time, the hanging basket is a very convenient and space-saving good helper, the focus is light and convenient storage. There are many places in the market for sale, you can buy them according to your needs. In addition, the foldable multi-layer racks are also a good choice for saving, both for items and for drying dishes.

Ice bucket/fridge

One of the most troublesome problems of multi-day camping is food preservation. Especially in the hot summer, I am worried that if I am not careful, the ingredients will be broken. There are a lot of friends who will buy a portable fresh-keeping refrigerator, but even if there is no portable refrigerator, there are many alternatives that can be modified. The ice bucket or the outer pot of the smoldering pot plus the refrigerant ice bricks, the cooling capacity. There is also a certain level. Moreover, usually two days and one night of camping, the main ingredients will start cooking in the afternoon, so as long as you use it as soon as possible.

lighting device

Most of the camps now have power supply. The most common plug-in camplights are no problem in most camps. The price is not high enough to start, pay attention to the choice of insect-proof bulbs, but also avoid the trouble of flying insects. In addition, without the use of electric vaporization lamps, gas lamps are a collection of camping atmosphere, and it is recommended to think about whether to jump or not. The battalion lamp is a fixed type of lighting. It can be used as a moving light when driving a headlight or a flashlight. It is used for bathing in the toilet at night, especially when the headlights are not used, and the empty bottles can be used to increase the brightness. The function is very easy to use for camping lighting.

Advice for novices: These items are not as expensive as the unit price, and there is a chance to use them in general life. You can purchase them according to your preferences.