Application of folding bed in space II

- Dec 19, 2019-

1. Insert the folding bed into the wall

If you really don't want a large bed to occupy too much space, you can choose a customized method to hide the bed in the wall, and the two sides of the bed can be designed into a simple form of shelf, which is used to place table lamps and common items.

2. Embed the folding bed in the TV background wall

As shown in the picture, the display stand on the left side of the TV background wall is actually a hidden folding bed, isn't it amazing?

But it should be noted that such a folding bed design requires the living room to have enough space to accommodate the bed!

3. Combine sofa and folding bed

As shown in the figure, this sofa and bed are integrated, and the bed is hidden in the white cabinet. Then, this room naturally has two functions: living room and bedroom.

Look, when the bed is put down, a comfortable bedroom will appear in front of you. The back of the original sofa is just used as the head of the bed, and the position of the bed body in the cabinet is used as the background wall of the head of the bed, without any violation.

4. Add folding bed in children's room

Children's room is often too spacious because of the suspicion of waste, so in order to make up for this shortage, we might as well add the folding bed device. When children are tired of playing, they can also rest.

Because the folding bed needs enough space to accommodate, then, the spaciousness of the space and the freedom of movement need to be guaranteed. In the design of this children's room, the desk is also designed in a foldable way to realize the function of space transformation.

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