A good way to shop for outdoor cast aluminum tables and chairs

- May 25, 2019-

Many consumers are buying outdoor furniture, facing the traditional wooden tables and chairs and aluminum alloy tables and chairs, will not hesitate to choose cast aluminum tables and chairs, visible consumers have gradually recognized cast aluminum tables and chairs high quality is trustworthy. But in the face of a wide variety of cast aluminum tables and chairs and their manufacturers on the market, many consumers are still facing many difficulties when choosing. This problem can be solved from the perspective of the product itself and the manufacturer.

First, judge from the perspective of the product

Cast-aluminum tables and chairs are made of pure aluminum and aluminum alloy according to the ratio of die-casting process, heated to the molten state and cast mold cooling and finalize the design. Good quality cast aluminum tables and chairs, the appearance of the overall structure is a unified scene, no obvious welding phenomenon; When you touch the table and chair, you can feel the smooth and firm texture of metal. When you lift the table and chair and shake it, you cannot hear any foreign sound, and you can obviously feel the chair has a "sense of reality". The poorer cast-aluminum tables and chairs are generally mixed with sand, stone and other magazines, which produce a subtle noise when shaken.

Second, judge from the perspective of the manufacturer

Good manufacturers of natural products are better, and judge which casting aluminum tables and chairs is more professional, mainly to see its production, testing equipment, enterprise monitoring and other certificates are complete. Professional manufacturers not only have strict requirements on product quality, but also pay great attention to consumer experience. No matter consumers search through the official website or through the third party or other sales channels, they can get more detailed information, and their reputation and user experience are highly appraised. When consumers are interested in products or have relevant questions, their customer service staff will patiently give consumers answers, and the manufacturers are willing to consumers on the factory site experience visit.

When choosing cast aluminum tables and chairs, consumers usually pay more attention to the price. And the price is also a relatively important factor affecting the quality of tables and chairs. The prices of tables and chairs with good quality or brands are relatively high, requiring consumers to make arrangements according to their specific expenditure plans from this aspect.